an inspirational quote might really be of use here

omg I seriously hate myself sometimes when it comes to writing.

Last winter for the Paradox Fic Exchange I got all ambitious and actually started my fic a while before I needed to post it, but then I got too uppity and smug and didn't finish it until the day of. And then at the same time I took on a pinch hit, so, it was like four stressful writing-filled rocking-back-and-forth passing-out coffee-inhaling head-wall-frustration days.

And now I have Saturnalia AND Yuletide and I have the premises and jokes and some dialgoue and some scenes down, but then wtf self I haven't actually started writing. And I'm lucky in that I fucking love both my prompts SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM. I also want to write a bunch of Yuletide treats for really exciting prompts but I'm such a terrible horrible procraaaaaaastinator D: D:

I'm about to stress myself out again with furious writing that is hopefully not shit not to mention some non-gift fic I've been working on that I want to freaking finish and gahhhhh -----~

/goes back to studying for Bio final omfg i hate college rn

playwriting project: radio silence

This is my first ten-minute that I turned in today. I'm happy with it, although the people reading it had a hard time reading a lot of the names. Also, one of the guys put on an extremely and hilariously fake Russian accent, that, although it took away from what I meant to be a serious tone, was too funny to annoy me. Anyhow, if you're interested, tell me what you think!

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updates blah blah

Okay so I get that it's been a while since I've done... anything.

Last year I was in college, but not really. I took a smattering of courses at two different community colleges that didn't really require any effort or homework so I was able to dive into fandom with a fucking vengeance. Now I'm at an actual full-fledged university, and I'm double-majoring in Russian and... Biology.

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first playwriting project

So I entered a playwriting class this year because it seemed like a shit load of fun and, bonus, fulfilled a gen-ed AND an upper-level class. This is my first one--the assignment was to begin it at... how did she put it... well I don't remember, and I'm on the top bunk so I don't want to get down to look it up in my notebook, but in like a moment of crisis. There was to be no backstory, and it had to be between only two characters. Oh and it had to be three pages long.

I'd never written anything close to a play before, so I hope the format is okay, and that there's not too much/too little/too awkward action or dialogue. But I figured I'd find out more when we critique it in class tomorrow, Collapse )

i'm baaaack!

Hey everybody!!! It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm so fucking excited to be back on LJ again! I was on Twitter every now and again when I went to the library over the summer, but I was never able to log in here--I'd even forgotten my password D:

Anyhow, I'm moving in on-campus at my shiny new university, and I have 24/7 internet access which I will use to read and post fic and rake in my achievements for StarCraft II, I mean, study hard.

I got a shit load done over the summer, but it's boring because it's not fandom-y stuff. On the fandom stuff I kinda slacked. I'm regretting now more than ever that I've dropped out of my BBBB, which I'm still planning on completing--but I see that a lot of people have started to post theirs and I'm just like, kicking myself. But as of now I have... four fics for this fandom in the making, plus another for StarCraft because omfg that game you guys it's fucking awesome. Kerrigan is like the definition of kick-ass female and sympathetic kick-ass villain. AND she's voiced by Tricia Helfer, which some fans were pissed about because in the first game Glynnis Campbell was awessoommme, but I thought she did a good job.

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i'll be back

Hey flist! Long time no talk.

Well, just posting to inform everyone that I'm pretty much gonna be on hiatus for two or three months. I'm in the process of a hellish move from California to Maryland, and between working with my horse, getting prepared to attend UMBC in the fall, spending time with my family, and, um, most significantly, having very very spotty internet access over the summer, I most likely won't be online. Like, at all. Not like I've been online overmuch recently because my internet and most of my computers have been down, and stuff.

Well, anyway. I'm really upset I won't be able to participate in the Paradox Summer Challenge because it seems a lot of fun, BUT I'll be working on my BBBB as fast as possible to get the rough draft in by July. Or whenever it's due. Hopefully I can find a flash drive in the mess that is my house atm so I can write during nights on my sister's laptop and like go to the library or something to put it online, or whatever. Aghsjkhsdklfo;ijukjew.

So see y'all on the other side!


I love you all. Every single one of you. <333 NOT A LIE. I AM IN A TRUTHY MOOD RIGHT NOW.

Okay I have been drinking. But that just makes me more honest.

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Any of y'all in the BSG fandom or really know the series well? Because I have a question for a fic I'm writing:

Is there any sort of argument among fans where you're either one side or the other and people get pretty heated up about it? For example, like pre-DH whether Snape was good or evil. It could be anything major or minor.

And IF SO: which side would Sheldon take? (For this I prefer it to be the more unpopular side, but if there's no way he'd take that side, then that works too.)

Thanks in advance.